sage greenfingers

We are delighted to be holding January’s meeting at Eten café, a big supporter of local endeavours, arts and wellbeing. This month the theme will be ‘Art and the Outdoors- Enhancing Wellbeing’.

Julie Edwards, director of therapy services for SHSC will be leading, and we are also excited to have a speaker from Sage Greenfingers, a local organization combining art therapy and horticulture. They recently received 3 years lottery funding and have posts to fill!

We have some great plans for SAWN in 2015 and the growth of our impact on the city. If you haven’t been to a meeting yet, or not as many as intended, this should be a great start to 2015 and wonderful opportunity to know what’s going on and what you could be a part of.

Date: Tuesday 20th January at 6:30pm

Venue: Eten café, next to the Cathedral in town (details)