Creative Documentation by Laura Savidge

Illustration by Laura Savidge

Welcome to the SAWN website! The Sheffield Arts and Wellbeing Network (SAWN) launched in November 2012 with the aim of connecting existing Sheffield-based arts and wellbeing initiatives and facilitating the development of new projects.

Initially developed by Sheffield Health and Social Care Trust (SHSC), the Breakthrough Art in Health charity, Sheffield City Council and the University of Sheffield, the network now has over 200 members and has links with a diverse range of organisations and initiatives across the city including Artfelt, St Mary’s and Storying Sheffield. From its inception the network has extended a warm welcome to anyone interested in the connection(s) between the arts and wellbeing.



New Connections Event, May 2014

The network meets bi-monthly, in the evening and in various venues across the city (see here for details of forthcoming meetings). At each meeting there is a chance to hear two individuals speak about a current Sheffield-based arts and wellbeing initiative on which they’re working. Previous subjects include ‘The Impact of Creative Expression on Chronic Pain’, ‘Effects of Narrative Writing on Patients who have Experienced Brain Injury and Coma’ and ‘The regeneration of St Matthew’s Church: a Hub for Arts and Wellbeing’. Tea and coffee is available, as well as the chance to make any announcements, call outs or share news.

The mailing list is very active, and is an opportunity for members to share information and keep connected (to join, click here).




map of arts spaces in Sheffield smaller

‘Map of Arts Spaces in Sheffield’ by Joseph Houlder

In May 2014 SAWN worked in partnership with MHS to mount the New Connections: a Vision of Arts and Health in Sheffield which provided a platform for practitioners, service users, clinicians, researchers amongst many others to articulate and share their vision of Arts and Health in Sheffield. A plethora of exciting ideas and futures plans emerged from the day across a variety of themes- for example: Arts Hub- Maps, Apps and Spaces; Arts and Wellbeing Festival; Hidden Voices and Unheard Stories; Research- Evidencing Arts Practice- and we are currently working on how some of these might be realised.